Kashira Whiteley

Enhance your natural femininity and curves!

Not only will my guide focus on building a bigger, rounder and firmer booty but it also includes exercises to tone your upper body and core!

I’ll be there to support and encourage you, build your confidence and achieve the body you want.

I want you to feel awesome in your own skin. This guide is designed to help you build and tone yourself up while shredding unwanted body fat.

My Background

I became severely ill at the age of 12 and progressively got worse. By 17 I crashed and spent 3 months bed-bound. Like most of our biggest challenges, this was also one of my biggest blessings as it put me on my fitness journey and my pursuit of health and happiness.

Because of my background, I know how challenging it can be to overcome barriers in your journey but I also know that anyone can overcome them when the right mindset is applied.

I love fitness and all the positive aspects this lifestyle has brought to me physically, mentally and emotionally. I have a strong focus on self-development, body positivity and balance.

I believe in achieving your fitness goals using healthy methods that don’t force you to compromise on your happiness but deepen it.

I am a certified personal trainer.



Build your Booty & Get Toned Guide


£ GBP 19.99 / $ USD 26.99 / € EUR 23.99

About my workouts in my guide

  • It includes all major exercises such as Front squats, Travelling Squats, Donkey Kick Variations, etc, has videos of me doing the exercises to show you how to perform the exercise to maximise results.
  • The workouts are challenging. Each workout is different which helps you to stay motivated and stimulated, ensures you are continually getting the best results from me.
  • I have added supersets and varieties of many exercises to get TONED and BUILD your BOOTY.
  • This guide includes some of my top tips for productivity and motivation.

Duration of the guide?

  • Each workout takes 50-60 minutes. For best results do a minimum of 4 sessions per week.
  • I have also added bonus exercises for higher level users/ to incorporate as you progress or if you train an additional day.
  • Build your BOOTY and get TONED is a 6 week workout guide, feel free to message me and share your progress with me by tagging me on Instagram (@kashy92) or contacting me through the email addresses linked to my Instagram page.

The Benefits Using My Guide

  • Build your BOOTY – Looking PERKY and ROUND.
  • Get Abs.
  • Improve Muscle Strength.
  • Improve your endurance – Workouts includes interval training keeping the pace high and reps.
  • Fat Burning  – When all the workouts in the guide are performed along with a balanced, healthy diet.
  • Tone your upper body – Especially define your triceps, shoulders and Back.
  • Reduce BODY FAT and CELLULITE.
  • Sculpt your quads and hamstrings – Big, toned booties don’t come without big toned legs.
  • Equipment needed – This is a gym based plan.

Who is the guide for?

  • My guide is for all fitness levels.
  • The format is easy to follow even for beginners with no previous gym experience.
  • This plan can easily be incorporated into a more complex plan for experienced gym goers.
  • It includes bonus exercises and advice to ensure best results and progress!

What will you get in my guide?

  • You will receive 5 workouts
  • Bonus exercises
  • How many repetitions, sets and rest period for each exercise
  • HD Images
  • Workout videos to showcase major muscle exercises
  • Meal plan – healthy options for breakfast, snacks, lunch & dinner
  • Supplement suggestions

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